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The Battle Of Barge Island Bar & Tackle - Scare Johnson 1
The Battle Of Barge Island Bar & Tackle - Scare Johnson Series, Book 1
The Battle Of Barge Island Bar & Tackle is unlike Clouds Jumping. Not only did Scott create the cover art himself, but there's a lot more bad language and killing, and much less philosophy and dragons. 
The description of the story goes like this: 

Scare Johnson is a regular guy from South Boston (Southie) who only wants to enjoy his slice of the American pie. In this case it's Key Lime pie he has set his sites on. He buys himself a barge, anchors it off the Florida Keys, and along with his childhood friend, Billy Cortez, they fix the barge up and rent out space on the upper deck. All they want to do is sit back, rake in the money, and relax while enjoying the Florida sun. Unfortunately, a greedy Russian with a t-shirt shop in Key West decides he wants to invest in their business, against their wishes. 
Enter Scare's inherent Southie Pride. Add to that, Scare's wife (Ms. Colleen), Bobby, Grouper, TwoBob, Capt. Mike, Trouble, and the rest of the gang, and it's going to be bad news. They have no limits when it comes to protecting their friends. The Russian has no idea what he got himself into. Killing is not off the table, and maiming is a matter of course. Push comes to shove and everything gets down and dirty for all the marbles.

Wolves of the Caribbean - Scare Johnson 2
Wolves Of The Caribbean - Scare Johnson Series, Book 2

Scare Johnson is just a regular guy from South Boston. He, his wife Colleen, and his best friend Billy Cortez moved to the Florida Keys, to get away from the snow and the backstreet rat race.

He bought a barge, set up a Tiki Bar on it and started living the good life in Paradise.

After coming out on top of a small altercation with a member of the new Russian Mafia, Scare decided to pull anchor and go on vacation with the family, to Belize, thinking that this time, things will be different.

Despite having a new baby girl, the warm waters and balmy breezes give way to his Southie Attitude of right and wrong when he notices new friends getting strong-armed, endangered species disappearing, and people going missing.

A Good Man cannot stand idly by now can he?

King Conch - Scare Johnson Series, Book 3

King Conch is the third book in the Scare Johnson Series.

As usual Scare Johnson, his wife Colleen, and all his friends just want to enjoy life in the Paradise that they call the Florida Keys.

His Barge Island home needs to be rebuilt while it’s off the coast of Key West so everything can get back to business.

Unfortunately, there’s a palm at the Town Hall he forgot to grease, and the whereabouts of an old Key West fugitive he needs to find, before he can think about getting on with his life and stop dodging bombs and bullets.

Just another day in Southernmost Florida. 

Clouds Jumping

The hardcopy version of Scott's first book, before he started writing the Scare Johnson series, is Clouds Jumping (Book One of the Archangel Diaries). The publishing company designed the cover. The cover sucked. It totally misrepresented the story inside. The story is actually awesome, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the lame-ass cover. Scott was pissed, but he had trusted them and it was too late. 

Anyways, the real description of the story goes like this: 

Reality is in the hands of a Madman. An Archangel's love has been betrayed. And, God is a legless, one-eyed, beer drinking Beggar. Things must be made right, and there may be hell to pay. 
A wonderful fantasy adventure novel about a woman on a fantastic journey through a landscape of shifting reality. A strange man meets her by a campfire in the middle of the desert, and sends her on a quest that turns into a wild ride toward self-discovery. God, Dragons, Rogue Archangels, and an orange tabby cat wind up pointing this once suicidal ex-judge toward becoming a sword-wielding female champion for humanity. She meets many people along the way and gathers a small tightly knit group of friends that inevitably (and sometimes unwittingly) teach her that the strength she'll need to get through it all will ultimately come from a place she hasn't looked.